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VPN/Bouncer Whitelist
Last Updated 4 years ago

Cuff-Link does not allow the use of proxies on our IRC chat network, however, we do permit the use of VPN, VPS, and bouncers. Due to the abuse of a very select few with certain providers, we've had to implement a whitelist system so users can continue to use these services.
Please click on "Open a New Ticket" at the top of this page to start the process and choose Abuse - VPN/Bouncer Whitelist from the dropdown menu.

We require the following information to begin the whitelist process:

Service Provider
IP Address
Server Log Info (This is optional, but includes the ban lines that you would have been presented with if you got caught in a ban)

Please note: We will check IPs against various public and private databases for previous/current blacklisting. If the IP and/or provider you request a whitelist entry for is on any of these lists, we will deny your whitelist request.

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