Can't connect - what do I do?



Troubleshooting Z-lined, SSL/TLS handshake timeout, DNS Pool

You've received one of the following when attempting to connect to Cuff-Link's IRC network:

  • Z-lined (regular connections not permitted from host)
  • SSL/TLS handshake timeout
  • DNS Pool

Steps to solve (Registered Nicknames only):

  1. Alter your IRC Client Server settings:
    • Make sure you have a registered nickname and an IRC Client that supports SASL authentication and is in our Supported Clients list:
    • Edit  your Network/Server settings:
      Port: 7797
      Authentication Method: SASL (Your client may say "PLAIN" or "/CAP")
    • If you've tried to connect and received one of the messages above within the last hour, wait 60 minutes past the time you received it to try reconnecting using the updated settings.

Steps to solve (Unregistered nicknames):

  1. Use IRCCloud as your client to:
    • Register a nickname and then go back to your supported IRC client.
    • Switch to IRCCloud entirely - it's cross-platform and works on most modern devices (smartphones, tablets, etc) either in the browser or via the app (available in Google and Apple app stores).

Troubleshooting Connection reset/refused/closed

You've received one of these messages when trying to connect to Cuff-Link's IRC network:

  • Connection reset by peer
  • Connection refused
  • Connection closed by host

Connection reset by peer is usually caused by an unstable or intermittent internet connection. This instability isn't always noticeable with things like games or video streaming as those protocols use buffering to send data ahead of time. IRC doesn't have data to send ahead of time as it's "live". If rebooting your modem doesn't help, then we recommend switching to IRCCloud - it is also a "bouncer", which means you connect to their client via browser or app, and their client servers connect to our servers with more stability.

Connection refused usually comes up when you're trying to connect to the wrong port on our network or our provider is refusing your IP access for some reason. Check your IRC Client settings to make sure you're using the correct details: If you are, and you're still getting "Connection refused", then we recommend switching to IRCCloud.

Connection closed by host is sometimes caused by our servers closing the connection, and it often happens if we are restarting the server or the IRC servers. Sometimes, it is out of our control and closed by our provider.

Other connection issues

If you receive a "G-lined" message: Open a ticket here

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