My services account is suspended

We primarily suspend a services account when a person violates our services account policy. You may have:

  • 2 (two) services accounts registered under the same email address
  • Each services account may have up to 42 (forty-two) nicknames

We may also suspend your services account in the event:

  • We see other people using your services account - either you've shared your password (whether intentionally or accidentally).
  • We see you've registered a channel under your services account, but included what is obviously a password during the channel registration process. The password is often the services account password. We will suspend the services account and drop the channel registration.
    • Note: The correct way to register a channel on Cuff-Link is:
      • Register a services account using or identify to your existing services account
      • Join the channel: /join #channel
      • Register the channel: /msg CHANSERV REGISTER #channel description
  • As a part of a user ban process

If the account is suspended due to anything other than a part of a user ban process, you can either join #help while connected to the Cuff-Link IRC network or you can open a ticket for help. We will assist with releasing the nickname so you can change the password.

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