Services account password reset (NickServ)

If you know your password:

  1. Log into your account if you are not already: /msg NICKSERV IDENTIFY yournickname yourpassword
    Example for nickname "testnick": /msg NICKSERV IDENTIFY testnick testnickpassword
  2. Change the password: /msg NICKSERV SET PASSWORD newpassword
    Example for nickname "testnick": /msg NICKSERV SET PASSWORD testnickNEWpassword
  3. Update your IRC client's NickServ authentication password with the new password, if you use auto-identify on connect.

If you don't know your password:

  1. Use the reset password command: /msg NICKSERV RESETPASS nickname [email protected]
    Example reset command for "testnick": /msg NICKSERV RESETPASS testnick [email protected]
  2. You will receive an email with a reset command and code that looks something like this: /msg NickServ CONFIRM nickname giBBErrishC0De - enter this into your IRC client.
  3. Once you have entered the code, follow these steps:
    1. You will receive a NOTICE to the nickname you are wearing that contains a temporary password. It will show up in the "Status" or "Network" tab/window, or some other place you send NOTICE messages to.
    2. Copy and paste this password or type it manually to identify to NickServ using: /msg NICKSERV IDENTIFY nickname temporary-password
    3. Once identified to the account, change the password: /msg NICKSERV SET PASSWORD new-password

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